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How to clean and polish your silver

Silverware looks fantastic when it’s polished and looking its best, however, many people consider cleaning it to be a laborious task. But this need not be the case any longer, as Tableau has some great products available that completely remove the need for elbow grease:

Step 1 – Clean your silver
The first step  to getting your silver looking its best is to clean it thoroughly, as sometimes silver can become heavily tarnished, covered in dirt or encrusted with old silver polish. To remove this simply and easily, use the Tableau Silver Cleaning Plate, which provides a quick yet gentle solution to your silver cleaning.

To use the Tableau Silver Cleaning Plate, simply place the plate and the items to be cleaned in a bowl of hot water and household soda crystals and 4 – 5 minutes later you will have perfectly clean silver without rubbing, brushing or polishing, and your hands stay clean and free of polish.

Step 2 – Polish your silver
There are two options you can use to add a finishing polish to your silver, these are:

  1. Tableau Silver Cleaning Cloth or Tableau Cleaning Mitt
  2. Tableau Silver Plating Solution

The Tableau Silver Cleaning Cloth or Mitt will clean and polish both solid and plated silver and offers a simple, quick and convenient solution for all your silver cleaning and silver care, and is especially ideal for silver jewelry cleaning.

Alternatively, there is Tableau Silver Polish & Plating Solution which is much more than a silver polish, it actually adds a layer of pure silver to your silver plate, copper, brass and bronze every time you polish. It perfectly polishes sterling silver and silver plate and prevents tarnishing longer than many other polishes. Tableau Silver Polish & Plating Solution will also cover fire marks and solder joints.  To use, shake the bottle well and apply with a soft cloth or cotton wool. Rub gently over the article as you would when cleaning and rub off with a soft cloth.

These two simple steps will leave your silverware looking its best! To purchase any of the items above, click on one of the following links:

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