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Regular BBQ Cleaning For Summer!

Outdoor grills should be cleaned at the beginning and end of the barbecue season, and after every use. An outdoor grill that is kept constantly clean will stay in good working order for a long time... Click here to read more

Don't let dirty windows obscure your view

With spring cleaning on everyone's mind, window cleaning may be the task that is dreaded the most or left until last. But it doesnít have to be seen as a chore. Choose a nice day and start with the ... Click here to read more

Does your leather sofa need rescuing?

So.... you spend an absolute fortune on buying a new leather sofa and within hours it has been drawn on by your child. Don't panic - we have the ideal solution! To remove ink from finished... Click here to read more

Do battle with mould and mildew!

As we all know, itís almost impossible to avoid mildew in your bathroom, as few rooms in the home see as much moisture and humidity as this one. With so much heat and moisture, the grout between your ... Click here to read more

How to effectively clean mould and mildew

Mould and mildew are microscopic fungi which grow and reproduce rapidly in wet or damp areas. This occurs typically in kitchens and bathrooms where daily activities, such as, bathing and cooking can... Click here to read more

How to care for your wooden furniture

If you have a piece of wooden furniture that you want to look after and cherish, these three simple  steps will tell you how to do a deep clean and wax: Step 1: Revive your woodIf your wood is... Click here to read more

How to clean and polish your silver

Silverware looks fantastic when it’s polished and looking its best, however, many people consider cleaning it to be a laborious task. But this need not be the case any longer, as Tableau has... Click here to read more

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Tableau Products Help to Care for Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is situated in Northumberland and is the second largest inhabited castle in England, the first being Windsor Castle.  Alnwick has been home to the Percy family for nearly 700... Click here to read more