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Here at Tableau we have created a network of valued retailers. Our quality products are used by those who wish to cherish and care for their furniture, antiques and fittings around their homes. Tableau Products are also used within some of the most prestigious houses and castles across the UK.

We have a loyal following of customers who appreciate the benefits of our products and know that our family business values its reputation and ensures that high standards are maintained. We would like your help to make it easier for our customers to purchase our products. Although we provide an online shopping facility, our preferred method is for our customers to use our retailers.

In addition to our superb range of red & white liveried products; we can also provide excellent discounts and offers throughout the year. Our dedicated Marketing department works with our retailers to organise local and national promotions. We also list all our retailers on our website and can offer you a merchandising stand to display our products.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please contact us on 08450 405900 or complete the form below.

For those outside the UK

We are currently looking for distributors outside the UK. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08450 405900 to find out more.

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Merchandising stand
Chalk Paint Brighton Pink 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Brighton Pink 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Cuckmere White 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Cuckmere White 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Fairlight Cream 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Fairlight Cream 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Hastings Black 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Hastings Black 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Martello Grey 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Martello Grey 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Pevensey Grey 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Pevensey Grey 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Rye Green 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Rye Green 500ml (500ml)
Chalk Paint Sovereign Blue 1L (1 Litre)
Chalk Paint Sovereign Blue 500ml (500ml)
Extra Strength Floor Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
High Shine Floor Polish 500ml (500ml)
Liquid Wax Floor Polish 500ml (500ml)
Red Tile Liquid Shine 250ml (250ml)
Red Tile Polish 250ml (250ml)
Terracotta Tile Liquid Shine 250ml (250ml)
Black Grate Polish 100ml (100ml)
Chandelier Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
Dry Lube 200ml (200ml)
Dry Lube 400ml (400ml)
High Temperature Paint Black 400ml (400ml)
Slate Oil 250ml (250ml)
Sticky Label Remover 200ml (200ml)
Stove Glass Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
UPVC Cleaner & Restorer 500ml (500ml)
Water Repellent 400ml (400ml)
Bathroom Drain Unblocker 250ml (250ml)
Carbon Remover 250ml (250ml)
Eco Oven Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
Eco Oven Cleaner Refill 500ml (500ml)
Fridge Freezer De-Icer 200ml (200ml)
Gloss Kitchen Polish (500ml)
Kitchen Sink Unblocker 250ml (250ml)
Mould and Mildew Remover 500ml (500ml)

Whirlpool Bath Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
Foam Leather Cleaner 250ml (250ml)
Leather Cleaner 500ml (500ml)
Leather Cream 200ml (200ml)
Copper & Brass Cloth 44 x 31cm
Copper & Brass Polish 125ml (125ml)
Jewellery Cleaning Cloth 44 x 31cm
Silver Cleaning Cloth Size 44 x 31cm
Silver Cleaning Foam 170g
Silver Cleaning Plate 22 x 15cm
Silver Dip 230ml (230ml)
Silver Dip 5L (5 Litre)
Silver Polish & Plating Solution 100ml (100ml)
Silver Polish 125ml (125ml)
Spray Anti-Tarnish Lacquer 200ml (200ml)
Fabric Protector 400ml (400ml)
Foam Fabric Cleaner 400ml (400ml)
Red Wine Stain Remover 250ml (250ml)
Spot Remover 200ml (200ml)
Stain Remover 200ml (200ml)
Butchers Block Oil 200ml (200ml)
Dark Wax Furniture Polish 100ml (100ml)
Dark Wax Furniture Polish 500ml (500ml)
Lavender Wax Polish 150ml (150ml)
Light Wax 5L (5 Litre)
Light Wax Furniture Polish 100ml (100ml)
Light Wax Furniture Polish 500ml (500ml)
Matt Furniture Polish 200ml (200ml)
Ring Remover 150ml (150ml)
Scratch Cover Dark Wood 100ml (100ml)
Scratch Cover Light Wood 100ml (100ml)
Scratch Cover Medium Wood 100ml (100ml)
Wax Free Polish 250ml (250ml)
Wax Polish Aerosol 250ml (250ml)
Wood Revive 250ml (250ml)
Wood Soap 500ml (500ml)
Wood Varnish Dark Oak 400ml (400ml)
Wood Varnish Light Oak 400ml (400ml)
Wood Varnish Mahogany 400ml (400ml)
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