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Quality Homecare Products Made in Great Britain

About Us

Based in Bexhill on the Sussex coast, our family business, RPM Marketing started trading in 1980. During the eighties and early nineties we were successfully distributing a number of cleaning and polishing brands around the south of England.

It was then that we realised there was an opportunity to establish a good quality range of home care and maintenance products of our own. And so the Tableau Brand was born. Throughout, our two principal goals have been to maintain the best possible product quality and good customer service.

Over the years we have increased the range in response to changing markets and customer feedback. We now supply many independent hardware retailers throughout the UK and export to Europe.

All Tableau Products are made in the UK. Sourcing production abroad is a financially tempting proposition but we have have not taken this path in order to ensure the best possible quality and to maintain a more reliable supply chain.

We believe that a product that has to cost a little more to be effective and easy to use, is better value than a cheaper inferior one.