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Spot Remover

Spot Remover 200ml


Tableau Spot Remover is a no-ring, no-rinse spray to remove oil stains, food splashes, make-up, motor oil and other greasy stains from carpets, curtains, clothing, upholstery, teak boat decks and teak garden furniture.
Spray Spot Remover on to the surface, allow to dry to a white powder, then brush off.
Spot Remover is suitable for use on a wide variety of fabrics including dry clean only items. It is not suitable for leather. It has been tested in Which? Magazine where it gained an impressive four out of five stars in all four categories.

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Spot Remover
5 stars

I used to use this product years ago but have not been able to source it locally for many years. I am so pleased I found it again on-line as it really is the best product for removing spills and stains from carpets and upholstery.

5 stars

Shifts most greasey marks as long as you don't wash the item first - then results are excellent.

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