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Scratch Cover

Scratch Cover Dark Wood 100ml

Scratch Cover Light Wood 100ml

Scratch Cover Medium Wood 100ml


Tableau Scratch Cover quickly covers chips, scratches and other cosmetic defects in wooden surfaces. This easy to use formula restores wood in an instant. It is available in three shades for light, medium and dark wood surfaces. If you are in doubt as to which shade to use, try the lightest first. Just rub on and wipe off with a cloth. For a beautiful finish apply Tableau Lavender Wax Polish after using Tableau Scratch Cover.

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Scratch Cover
4 stars

Colour was darker than expected (caused an oak table to darken slightly)

5 stars

The best Scratch cover i`v ever used! and it really does cover up the worst of scratches they simply disappear! Really is wicked stuff, so pleased i bought it !

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