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Pink Window Cream

Pink Window Cream 500ml


Tableau Window Cream is a pink emulsion cleaner for all glass surfaces. Suitable for use around the home, caravan, boat and car removing traffic film and insect debris. Window Cream gives a clean and brilliant finish to glass windows, doors, furniture and fittings. Quick and easy wipe on - polish off application.

Here's a couple of comments from customers; 'Just had to let you know what a great product your Window Cream is. I've been looking for Windolene for months, then while on holiday in Scotland last week I popped into a DIY shop to look for some and was offered this as an alternative. Think it may even be better than Windolene ! ' Mrs M.

'Just discovered your window cream
Absolutely brilliant product. Been looking for something like this for years' Paul W

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Pink Window Cream

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