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Lavender Wax Polish

Lavender Wax Polish 150ml


Tableau Lavender Wax polish is a high quality, silicone free blend of waxes and is suitable for all woods.

This traditional lavender wax product is well known for its superb ability to care for and protect the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and wooden flooring.

Tableau Lavender Wax contains lavender essential oil, which means that you can enjoy the fresh summer scent of lavender as you care for your wood furniture and flooring.

Lavender wax also gives furniture a beautiful deep lustre and will help to provide protection from finger marks, staining and the drying effects of central heating.

This Lavender wax polish is suitable for all shades of wood. Tableau Lavender Wax also buffs easily to give a long lasting shine.

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Lavender Wax Polish
5 stars

Very good. A blast from the past. Its a fine polish.

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