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Extra Strength Floor Cleaner

Extra Strength Floor Cleaner 500ml


Tableau Extra Strength Floor Cleaner is one of the best floor cleaners in the market and effectively removes grease, grime and tough stains from many forms of flooring.

This multi-purpose floor cleaner has a high strength floor cleaning formula, which means you can quickly and easily get your floors, walls and doors clean and gleaming. Tableau Extra Strength Floor Cleaner is also particularly effective at removing ingrained nicotine stains.

Tableau Extra Strength Floor Cleaner also has a citrus fragrance which adds freshness to your home. Before use please ensure that you floor is compatible with water based products.

Tableau Extra Strength Floor Cleaner also removes acrylic polymer emulsion polishes including Tableau High Shine Liquid Floor Polish and Tableau Red Tile Liquid Shine.

Mrs S from Warninglid, West Sussex after using the Extra Strength Floor Cleaner emailed to say "It has done a super job of cleaning my unglazed red tiles in kitchen and
removed stubborn stains. Would definitely recommend"

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Extra Strength Floor Cleaner
5 stars

Good product, cleans well but lemon smell could be slightly stronger so freshness lasts.

5 stars

I thought the tiles were reasonably clean until I used this!

5 stars

As it says on the bottle EXTRA STRENGTH. One of the strongest cleaners I've used.

5 stars

its great to remove old sealant and dirt

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