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Chandelier Cleaner

Chandelier Cleaner 500ml


Tableau Chandelier Cleaner is suitable for cleaning traditional chandeliers and more contemporary metal and glass light fittings. Conventional cleaning of older style chandeliers requires the tedious and time consuming unhooking, cleaning and replacing of every individual piece of crystal. More modern fittings cannot be unhooked so the whole fitting has to be removed or the individual pieces have to be cleaned in situ. Tableau have made the whole process, easier, faster, safer and more economical. Tableau Chandelier Cleaner is fitted with a special high capacity spray nozzle that allows the cleaner to spray further than conventional aerosols.

In order to clean a chandelier or modern light fitting of any size, simply spray the whole item (avoiding any electrical parts) until the cleaner and dirt drip off onto newspaper placed below. Once the dirt has been removed, allow any remaining cleaner to dry, leaving a streak free sparkling finish.

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Chandelier Cleaner

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