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Tableau Products Help to Care for Alnwick Castle

Tableau Products Help to Care for Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is situated in Northumberland and is the second largest inhabited castle in England, the first being Windsor Castle.  Alnwick has been home to the Percy family for nearly 700 years.

Owing to its stunning appearance and setting the castle has been used as a film location for many films and programmes, including Harry Potter, Elizabeth I, Beckett and the Blackadder television series.

The Castle houses an amazing collection of antiques, pictures and furnishings made from a variety of fabrics, metals and woods all of which need to be cared for and cleaned using specialist products. The Household staff who work with Patrick Garner, the Household Controller at Alnwick Castle, have been using products from the Tableau range to maintain the furniture and leather and in particular the following products are used regularly:

Tableau Leather Cleaner & Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner
Patrick says “Both of these products are very good and clean leather to a high standard.  The cleaned items are then treated with Tableau Leather Cream which restores the original appearance. The results are very positive and effective”

Tableau Leather Cream
Tableau Leather Cream is used in the castle to care for leather table tops, leather seats and numerous gun and cartridge bags. It is applied with a cloth then buffed to shine, with the process being carried out twice a year.

Again Patrick says “The product provides good results and restores both the colour and sheen to the leather, we have also found this product to be very long lasting.”

Tableau Black Grate Polish
Tableau Black Grate Polish is used for all the fireplaces in the castle that need to be black leaded.  A number of the fires are used on a regular basis when the family are in residence during the winter months.  It is applied with a cloth and polished off with a brush.

Patrick says “This is an excellent polish giving all of the black metal a deep lustre.”

In conclusion, Patrick says, “We are very pleased with the results provided by the Tableau products we have used so far. Being effective and simple to use they help us to maintain the appearance of the castle for both the family and visitors to enjoy.”

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