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How to care for your wooden furniture

If you have a piece of wooden furniture that you want to look after and cherish, these three simple  steps will tell you how to do a deep clean and wax:

Step 1: Revive your wood
If your wood is tired and excessively dry the enriching oils in Tableau Liquid Wood Care will restore the natural grain and finish. This amazing product is a one step furniture restorer for unsealed furniture. It cleans and feeds unsealed natural wood furniture, panelling and floors. It effectively removes dirt, dust and old wax build-up, leaving a clean natural finish. It can be left as a semi-matt finish or once dry, can be over waxed.

Step 2: Cover any scratches
Use Tableau Scratch Cover to quickly cover any chips, scratches or other cosmetic defects in your wooden surfaces. This easy to use formula restores wood in an instant and is available in three shades for light, medium and dark wood surfaces. To find the right shade for your wood, try the lightest first.
To apply simply rub it on and wipe off with a cloth.

Step 3: Choose a wax for your wood
Now that you’ve cleaned your wood and hidden any scratches, it’s time to really make your piece of wooden furniture come to life with a wax. We have two options for you to choose from:

  1. Tableau Light Wax Polish and Tableau Lavender Wax
  2. Tableau Dark Wax Polish

The Tableau Light and Dark Wax Furniture Polishes are easy to use, soft wax polishes. The dark wax version contains a dark brown stain and is suitable for dark wood. It helps to counteract the fading effects of exposure to sunlight and enhances the grain pattern. Both light and dark waxes are silicone free and contain beeswax and carnauba.

Tableau Lavender Wax polish, a high quality, silicone free blend of waxes is suitable for all woods. This traditional lavender wax product is well known for its superb ability to care for and protect the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and wooden flooring. It also contains lavender essential oil, which means that you can enjoy the fresh summer scent of lavender as you care for your wood furniture and flooring.

To apply either of the waxes simply apply a small amount of wax with a soft cloth and rub in the direction of the grain. Leave for a few minutes and buff with a clean cloth and then re-apply as needed. To keep your wooden furniture dust free and in tip top condition in between these deep cleans, you can use Tableau Wax Polish Aerosol.

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