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Don't let dirty windows obscure your view

With spring cleaning on everyone's mind, window cleaning may be the task that is dreaded the most or left until last. But it doesn’t have to be seen as a chore. Choose a nice day and start with the right supplies, and your windows will be sparkling in no time!

Tableau Top Tips for Cleaning Windows:

Clean and polish the frames with UPVC Cleaner to remove dulling weathering and grime

Lubricate all the locks, hinges and mechanisms with Dry Lube – There is no mess so you won't get grease or oil on your sleeves when you open or lock your windows

Clean your glass with Foam Glass Cleaner – the foam holds on vertical panes so it doesn't dribble down giving it time to work on smudges and marks. You can apply less – making it more economical and faster to remove.

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