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Does your leather sofa need rescuing?

Does your leather sofa need rescuing?

So.... you spend an absolute fortune on buying a new leather sofa and within hours it has been drawn on by your child. Don't panic - we have the ideal solution!

To remove ink from finished leather or “hide” use Tableau Ink Remover for Leather! The handy wipe on applicator is suitable for use on leather furniture, clothing, handbags, footwear and car interiors. And not only does it remove pen, but it will also remove most lipstick marks from similar surfaces.

The last thing you should do is “experiment” with general household cleaners you find in the cupboard to get ink stains off leather as they may damage the finish. Always use a bespoke product!

We have developed a whole range of products for Leather Care, which also includes: Leather Food, Leather Cleaner and Foam Leather Cleaner providing a complete solution to all your leather cleaning and leather care needs.


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