Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover
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Tableau Carbon Remover

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4 stars
Not suitable for all types of cookers, try a small area first.
W H - Hatfield

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H Y - Hexham

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5 stars
J C - Denton

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3 stars
S L - Manchester

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5 stars
J M - Newport Pagnel

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A V - Banbury

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Tableau Carbon Remover is a highly effective, gel that effectively removes carbon deposits and baked / burnt on grease deposits.

Carbon removal has never been so easy. To remove stubborn grease and carbon deposits, you simply apply Tableau Carbon Remover using the brush applicator supplied in the lid, leave for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Not only does Tableau Carbon Remover get the carbon off, but it does so without scratching, unlike using a grill scraper, grill stone or brass wire brush.

Tableau Carbon Remover can be used for carbon cleaning cooking equipment both indoors and outdoors. Due to its high strength, yet gentle formula, it has also been approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association, so it is ideal for carbon removal on Aga and Rayburn Stoves.

Tableau Carbon Remover is suitable for traditional chip pans, roasting trays, barbecues, ovens, grills, ceramic hobs and cooker rings. This carbon cleaner can be used on most metals (not aluminium)as well as porcelain, ceramics and vitreous enamels.

Not all areas of an Aga are vitreous enamel, check with your supplier or refer to your instruction manual before use.


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New Product Launch: Tableau Leather Cleaner

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